A Powerful Serum…Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Serum

June 25, 2013|Posted in: Beauty

Serums are all the rage these days.  I’d say just about every brand has a type of serum that will help with spots, under-eye circles and multivitamin-power-serum_159-01_590x617the creases around the eye.  Now, are some of them full of it? Maybe. But I’ve found one that’s not, and is actually a pretty powerful serum.  Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Power Serum is apart of the AGE smart line that they have developed and is awesome. Seriously.  It goes on very smooth and really seems to help condition the skin.  Of course I use it with my night creams too because the Vitamin A in the serum can cause a little redness.

So check out these before and after photos after about a week!! Now, I couldn’t test this on my skin because I was pregnant and then am now nursing, so I can’t really use it to its full effect (because of the vitamin A in the cream), so I had one of my friends try this out.


These two images are of the same potion of the same eye.  The left side of the image is the outer part of the eye, and the right side of the image the inner portion of the eye closest to the nose.

The image on the left is before, and the image on the right is one week after use. She used the product day and night for 7 days. Now, you’re not supposed to do that initially because it can cause redness (as you can see a little bit in the right image), nonetheless you can see the results.

The creases in the outer portion of the eye has diminished, the spots around the eye have become lighter, and some have even gone away, and the under eye circle has lightened up big time.

Now, can you imagine what will happen after using the product over a longer amount of time??  I really like this product a lot and really love what they did for my friend.   I really can’t wait to use this full time.

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I was not compensated for this review.  I was provided this product by Dermalogica.