9 Beautiful Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mom

December 21, 2015|Posted in: Beauty, Momme

It’s 4 days until Christmas, do you have all of your Holiday Shopping done?   I get it… once Halloween hits, it feels like Christmas just kind of creeps up on you!  It sure did for me!  Not to fret though, as there is still time left to get that special lady in your life just in time for Christmas.  AND no, I’m not talking about that “something” you may have overheard her say she MAY like to try out or have (Although she MAY enjoy it).  I’m talking about stuff that really makes us moms feel beautiful and special.

A Massage / Spa Day – There is nothing more relaxing than being able to head on over to a massage place or full blown spa to help rub away stress.  From being on the go all the time, to computer work, carrying the kids, lugging in the groceries, cooking, nursing, etc. moms’ bodies (backs especially) can really ache.  Giving the gift of a relaxing hour can mean wonders.  And what’s great, is that you can purchase most of these gift certificates online.  So go and get a cute Christmas card… heck, even MAKE one (handmade is the best in my opinion), get that gift certificate, and place it in the card.  Best thing about online purchases, you can just print them out.  My personal favorite is Burke Williams.  It’s a full SPA that offers so many different services, and also has the added bonus of a sauna/steam room and hot tub.

Skincare Kit – When the holiday’s come around, there are many skincare lines that come out with these amazing skincare sets.  What I love about them is that they come with some full sized products, and then smaller sample sizes of other products which gives mom the full opportunity to try out some new products.   Take a look at what mom uses already, and see what that brand has to offer in a holiday gift set.  OR be bold and venture out into some new brands.  Some of my personal favorites are from Origins; A Perfect WorldOrigins Masks (Charcoal is my Personal Fav)Ole Henriksen; Truth Serum, Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Treatment, GlamGlo Gift Sexy Dazzling Hydration Kit, La Mer Kits (super expensive though) and so many others.   Most of these can be found at Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Macy’s or Nordstrom.

A Tula – Now, this may seem strange to offer a carrier.  However, when you are a nursing/baby wearing mom, a carrier becomes an accessory like a bracelet, or necklace.  You baby and the carrier that they sit in, IS your accessory.  Tula has a ton of different options as far as designs and prints that can match any outfit.  So if your special mom/wife/sister loves to babywear, THIS is the one for them.  You can find this in many boutiques (if they’re not sold out), and even purchase online.  If you decide to purchase online, you can always print out the one you order and put it in that home made Christmas card, or even tape it inside a box and let them unwrap it!

A Purse / Bag – As a mom, another accessory that you have is a diaper bag (reh rew).  But now that there are so many companies that are creating fashionable bags, most of them don’t even look like a diaper bag.   There are some that offer very sleek styles that can also accessories any type of outfit.   Some of my favorites are Ju-Ju-Be, Storksak and a few others.   Depending on the type of  print you know she’d like, you can find them in Sanrio Stores, Boutiques, Buy Buy Baby, and on Amazon as well.

Make up – Now, if you’re anything like me, your drawers and cabinets are filled to the brim (well, not really – but you get my point) with the latest and greatest makeup.  This season, I’ve discovered new colors, gift sets, and mascara (yes I’m obsessed with Mascara – see my review on Tarte Light’s Camera Lashes Mascara).  The holidays are great for some really fabulous sets like Tarte Gift Sets, Urban Decay PaletteHourglass Cosmetics Modernist Eyeshadow Palette and many more!  Most of these can be found at Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Macy’s or Nordstrom.

Shoes – There, I said it! Shoes.  YEP, I said it again!  The perfect time at the end of the year is to see some pretty amazing boots, heels, flats, and even UGGs (I know not everyone likes them – but in SoCal it seems to be in just about every person’s closet).  This time of year there can be some great deals on shoes, particularly boots!  Head on over to Aldo, Macy’s, Nordstrom, or some other department stores to check out the boots that should be on sale.  Just be sure to get the right shoe size!

A Day (or Weekend) off!  It’s rare that moms get time to themselves, yet time away from the family responsibilities.  Whether it’s checking her into a hotel for a night, or a weekend (SPA hotel as a bonus!) or simply taking the kiddos outside from morning to night, having a day of solitude where we can be lazy, do a face-mask in peace, kick our feet up and catch up on a Netflix series, or read a book that’s been on the bedside would be so amazing.

A Personal Cleaner – Now, this is not to say that you don’t help out around the house.  BUT, moms seem do a majority of the cleaning/tidying up in the household.  Giving her a gift of a person to come and take that responsibility off her shoulders once or twice would be such a great retreat. It can give moms the time to either get that closet finally organized, or even a chance to kick up their feet during nap time.

Fitness Package – If you KNOW that your favorite mom(s) is/are headed in the fitness or get-into-shape direction, giving them a fitness bundle is always awesome.  ONLY if you KNOW that this is what they want to do, otherwise you may be unwrapping something more than presents on Christmas Day.  This can be all out like a P90X fitness routine with shoes & accessories, or even just the promise of an hour a day to allow her to walk/run at the gym/local park/home uninterrupted to let her meet her fitness goals.  Discount places like TJMaxx, Marshals, JCPenny and even Macy’s has some great deals on fitness items like weights, gloves, shoes, outfits, resistance bands, yoga mats, etc.


Good luck and God Speed!!  Wishing you and your family the best of holidays!

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