8 Things That Will Benefit Moms in Apple iOS8

June 2, 2014|Posted in: Techy

Apple had their WWDC to announce some new technologies they’ve been working on in the last year. The presentation went a little over two hours starting with a commercial with different people explaining how Apple technology has helped them. Here are the 8 things that are perfect for moms…especially moms that work at home…

They introduced their new iOS8 and explained how they got it’s name….sending a van full of individuals searching for a grand city name in California…and stumbled upon the beauty that we call Yosemite. It’s features are more sleek in design and help to aesthetically aid you in being more productive within the OS.


1) New Aesthetics Are Appealing:
a. A dark mode “for lovers of dark”
b. New icons
c. An exceptional trash can
d. Depth image
e. Translucent windows
2) Spotlight Reaches Farther –  allows you to search for other things that are not just limited to your computer, but the WWW. When you click on it now, it puts a search right in the middle of your screen.

Spotlight Reaches Farther IOS8
3) Notifications Center Works For You – this is not just limited to reminders and the day, but can give you a “summary” of what’s important to you…such as stocks, time zones, (of course your calendar), but you can also put some of the notifications from apps in the app store right there (this is only available to apps that have widgets). What’s great is that it’s all interactive, so it gives you the latest and greatest right there in the side bar.

Notifications Center iOS8
4) Mail Drive Saves You Time – what I love about this, is when you’re sending large attachments, you’re not sure what limitations your recipient has as far as their inbox goes…SO, what this does, is it allows you to send the attachment via iCloud and the recipient will receive it via the cloud (instead of going through their email server) – however this only works if they have a mac on the other end. If they have a PC, then a link will be placed in their email to securely download the attachment. Us mom’s don’t have time for bouncing emails anymore…with this feature, it’s a non-issue!

Mail Drive iOS8
5) Instant Hotspot – if you’re outside somewhere and your phone is on a network (and near by your computer), you can click on the WiFi menu at the top of your menu bar and select your phone to connect you to the internet! This is def my fav feature of the new iOS8. So when you’re waiting for that rainy soccer practice to end while you stay dry in the car…you can get some work done on your computer while you wait…

Instant Hotspot iOS8
6) Make Phone Calls Without Your Phone (sort-of) – You can make calls directly from your MAC! So lets say you’re visiting a website and there’s a number it says to call…simply click on the number, and you can make the phone call from your MAC. Simply using the microphone from your mac (just making sure your phone is in the vicinity to use the network)…fumbling for your phone that you left in your purse, or is charging in the bedroom won’t delay you from ordering takeout anymore…you can call from your computer!
7) Family Sharing Saves MONEY – once you have the family unit set up, you can share calendars, reminders, images, find your kids devices, etc. AND…you can share the purchases that your family has made in the app store up to 6 family members who share the same credit card. AND…the kicker…if a child on your plan wants to purchase an app, a question is prompted to them to “ask your parent”, and a prompt is placed on the parent’s phone asking if they can purchase the app. Saves you time and money!

Family Sharing iOS8
8) Touch ID Saves Time – this is now not limited to the use of the passcode on your iPhone, but apps can take advantage of the feature and use it as a log into the third party app. (see image) because who has time to remember all of those login passwords for our mobile apps?  Who has time to constantly hit “Forgot Password” when you want to favor your next favorite product, or find out how it ranks on Favored.by?

Touch ID iOS8

Ultimately they are trying to create a more seamless communication between all of your apple devices so that you have everything at your fingertips all the time. Job well done Apple. Can’t wait for the iOS8 Roll-out! HURRY UP! ☺

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