8 Products That Help Promote Wellness When You’re Sick

January 16, 2017|Posted in: Health

This year seems to be the year that has hit people hard with colds, flu and upper respiratory/sinus infections. It hit me the worst in I don’t know how long. It started out as a cold and then turned into a sinus infection and bronchitis. I decided to take a more natural route and search for products that would help to promote wellness.

Since I’ve been healing my gut, I opted out of taking any type of antibiotics.   While antibiotics do some good, they can also wreak havoc on the gut. Taking antibiotics can be like dropping an atomic bomb in the gut that kills all bacteria. In fact, it harms the good bacteria needed in the gut to boost immunity against illness.

Since I had to preserve my good bacteria in the pursuit to fix my leaky gut, I decided to take the route that would incorporate products that would help strengthen my good bacteria, immunity, protein levels, and restore my health. Here are the 8 products that helped promote wellness while I was sick.


The grossest thing that comes with bronchitis and sinus infections is that goopy green mucus that you either cough up or blow out of your nose (or mouth for that matter). EWW, I know.

This little blue pot enables you to do saline irrigation therapy. It uses a sterile salt and water solution to help drain your sinuses. It’s super simple to use and can be scary when you first try it. But I’m serious… it’s a game changer. That little pot will flush out stuff that you never knew existed in those sinuses of yours. It offers relief, and can help get those bad guys out faster.

Hyperbiotics Pro-Dental

Once you drain the bad guys from your sinuses, I found that replenishing the mouth, throat, ears and sinuses with probiotics helps even more. This works with probiotics for your gut, so why not include something that will benefit your oral cavity. Right?

Did you know that 800 species of bacteria reside just in your ear, nose, throat and mouth?! Crowding your oral cavity with some GOOD BACTERIA can help push out that bad guy bacteria that can cause ear, nose, throat, sinus and respiratory issues.

I found that my sore throat, green mucus, and coughing subsided in half the time when using both the Netipot and this Pro-Dental formula. After I’d flossed, brushed my teeth, and used the Netipot, I took one of these Pro-Dental chewable tablets from Hyperbiotics.

Have a little one that has chronic ear and/or sinus infections? There’s a new formula for them too called Pro-Kids ENT. This one is on my list to get for my kiddos next.

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Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Advanced

The next thing I did was up the ante on my probiotics I was taking. While there are other effective advanced formulas out there, this one is the only one I can currently take (that I know of) because of my personal dietary restrictions and other ingredients that can be found in other brands of probiotics.   The reason I decided to take a stronger probiotic was to help boost the population of beneficial bacteria in my gut. Since I am still healing my leaky gut AND had these two infections, I felt it best to increase the amount of “good guys” in my gut to help fight off my illness.

If antibiotics are something that must be taken, adding a good probiotic is essential in replenishing the good bacteria in your gut.

Orgain Protein Powder 

Let’s be honest. Eating is the last thing you want to do when you’re sick. But you still need to ingest protein, minerals, nutrients and fiber to help give your body the nutrition it needs to fight off illness.

My solution was to drink my protein and nutrients with Orgain’s organic protein powder. This plant-based protein powder tastes yummy and is filled with fiber, minerals, is high in antioxidants to help fight disease, has 21 grams of protein for growth and repair, and much more. Simply use two scoops in water, stir really well and DRINK IT UP !

Boiron Oscillococcinum 

In addition to not taking the antibiotics, I also opted out of taking any type of Tylenol, painkillers, decongestants, or antihistamines because those have a tendency to constipate the digestive tract. Constipation is THE LAST thing you want to happen when illness strikes.

Instead, I chose a homeopathic alternative that helps to alleviate all the body aches, fever, chills, and fatigue that can come with upper respiratory diseases (or with any illness for that matter!).

Manuka Honey 

I’m sure you’ve heard of drinking hot lemon, honey and water to help a sore throat.   This remedy does help, but the honey really can make all the difference, which is why I use Manuka Honey. Manuka honey is harvested from bees that pollinate the New Zealand Manuka bushes.

Manuka itself has so many healing benefits, including the prevention of strep bacteria growth.   Whether you drink it in a hot cup of lemon and water, or take just a spoonful on it’s own, you’re still going to help the bacteria from spreading in your throat.

Enzymedica Digestive Enzymes 

In the event you do have an appetite and can eat (or are on the tail end of your illness), digestive enzymes are always great to add into the mix. Taking a digestive enzyme can help support your immune system.

Digestive enzymes are always great to take before a meal. I personally take them before any meal regardless if I’m sick or not.   Simply take one pill at least 20 minutes before mealtime and you’re good to go.

Pacific Bone Broth

If you’re feeling like a warm cup of broth, consider switching it to bone broth.   Bone broth tastes just like a broth soup, and is loaded in so many more amino acids, minerals and vitamins to help alleviate cold symptoms and open up the respiratory pathways.  Since I have limitations on spices, the Pacific brand is one that I can use. There are other brands that make great bone broths, but for now I personally must stick with my own.


DISCLAIMER – Please advise with your doctor if you choose to not take antibiotics, cease antibiotics early. Also, if you’re nursing or pregnant and want to take any of the remedies, please check with your medical doctor first.  I am not a medical doctor and cannot treat your illness. I’m simply telling you what I did to get myself into a better state of health.