6 Tips to Saying Bye-Bye to Excuses

March 22, 2014|Posted in: Self

Do you know someone in your life and have thought to yourself “this person makes excuses for everything!”  Or perhaps even you look at yourself and realize that you make excuses for not getting your daily or life accomplishments completed?

Lets face it…we’re all human.  Excuses are the easiest thing to convince yourself and others as to why you can’t do something.  Maybe even the excuses enable you to get by for a short while, without guilt creeping up (or not!) about why you couldn’t fulfill an obligation, or why you couldn’t get certain things done throughout the day, month, or year(s).


Whatever your intentions are for excuses, they can be detrimental to your lifetime accomplishments and achievements.  They can also affect your relationships with other people and deem YOU unreliable. Excuses are a way to give yourself a reason and a solution for not getting something done.  It helps as a coping mechanism to ensure you can either continue living that excuse and be fine with it, or to use it as a motivating (rather UN-motivating) factor to let life pass you by.

That doesn’t sound very appealing if you ask me.  It seems that constantly making excuses for things in your life will only compromise you and your life.  Here are some quick tips that I’ve found very useful when you find yourself making excuses for getting things done, or even if you keep dropping the ball with work, family, and/or friends.

1. What are you making excuses for? – Take a look at what you are making excuses for in your life, and try to determine if there is a common theme around them.  For instance, do all your excuses revolve around anything having to do with fitness?   Perhaps you continue to tell yourself that you ran out of time, or tomorrow you’ll start eating better, or next week you’ll start yourself on a new diet only to continuously postpone it because something prevented you from doing so? Sometimes looking at the things you’re commonly making excuses about will help you understand why you’re doing it (Or not doing it!).  Maybe you’re scared of failure?  Maybe you’re really not interested in doing it? Or maybe you’re over promising too many things and truly have no time for it. Which leads to the next tip

2. Are you over or under promising things?  Sometimes we all like to be people-pleasers, so we have a tendency to over promise and under deliver.  Does that sound like you?  Or maybe you’re promising things and procrastinating because you either 1) didn’t really want to do it in the first place, or 2) you’re simply just putting everything in front of this task(s) and never getting it done.  Once you decide which one it is, check yourself and really only promise things that you can do.  AND when you DO promise things, do them to the best of your ability so that you deliver within a reasonable time and not half-assing it either.  If you have something to do, or a promise/commitment to doing something, that should come first…and if someone asks you to do something, telling them a simple “I’m sorry I have to get this thing done first” will actually make you look more respectable in their eyes, and even in your OWN eyes.  People understand when you have other commitments, and anyone who doesn’t shouldn’t be in your life anyways.

3. Are you making promises to someone you’re having sour feelings for?   If we look at promises we are making to friends, family members, co-workers, etc…sometimes we promise them something just to either shut them up, or to get them to stop bothering you for a temporary amount of time.  Especially if you harbor any anger, resentment, jealousy (yes, I said jealousy), and even are simply annoyed with them for some reason.   Well, making these promises to people you have sour feelings for really makes YOU look like the bad person.  If you’re not willing to confront your feelings for them, then just don’t promise them something you know that you won’t do! Either tell them no you can’t do it, or if you do have to do it (for work or out of a family obligation), suck it up and get it done. That way you can move on with your life.

4. Do you have doubts in yourself or scared of failure?  One of the biggest reasons people procrastinate or make excuses about anything in their lives, it that they are simply scared of failure.   I know I’m guilty of this for sure.  This fear can stem from anything and everything, whether it is you think you’re not good enough, fear of rejection, or simply that you are scared of success.   Regardless of what it is, realize that you will never know if you can be successful or not at something unless you try it.  And unless you whole-heartedly give it a good chance, then you will always fail.  Take a look at what you need to do to get somewhere and just DO IT.  Just do it and keep doing it until you are a success, or you’ve failed so many times that you realize that it is not the path for you.

5. Do you have a tendency to forget easily?  How many times have you heard yourself or others say “Oops! I forgot!” or “my bad I forgot”.  Probably more times than we’d like to admit (or hear).  If you are one of these people, then get a smart phone, calendar, tablet, or even a calendar white board to write all this stuff down on.  I think the best is a smart phone, or some device that will beep and remind you about something you are supposed to do because even sometimes we forget to look at the boards and calendars.  Having something work for you can help reduce your “forgetfulness”.

6. Are you scared about not having enough money?   Is money something that is always on your mind as to why you can’t do something?  Let’s face it, money does kind of dictate what we can and can’t do.  Is there someone in your life that can help you out??  Are there things in your life that you could cut out to give you more of a financial buffer to be able to get things done?? Sometimes if you take a look at your expenses, you can find places where you’re spending too much money and can really save here and there.  Do you use coupons that can help you save money?  Do you really need that Starbucks coffee and sandwich today? Always remember that cutting down on your expenses is temporary and will get you to your goal if money is something that is holding you back.  If you have a goal in mind, then just realize and calculate what that goal is, and know that you’re cutting costs to work towards that goal.

Regardless of what’s going on in your life, take a look at what you have going on.  And if you keep making excuses or preventing yourself from moving forward, its time to really assess what you need to do and GET MOVING!!  Once you get moving, you’ll either realize that what you wanted is not for you, OR it will motivate you even more to continue forward and get your life started.

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