5 Steps to Help You Get Results

March 22, 2014|Posted in: Self

Lao Tzu had it right quoting that “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Must Begin with a Single Step”…why? Because it really hits on something that we all have a tendency to forget.  Much like the quote of “a waterfall begins with a single drop of water”, we all have to remember that accomplishing things in our life is twofold…where you begin with a single step, and continue forward with every subsequent step you take.


Some think that if we do the entire necessary steps super quickly that it will get us the end result.  Will it get you there? Maybe…if burnout doesn’t hit you first.   I mean, think about it; how many times have you wanted to get something accomplished in your life and then you simply don’t get it done because you don’t have the time, or you can’t afford it, or you don’t have the skills, and then your dream really gets put on the back burner? How many back burners do we have?  How many back burners will you give yourself?

We all live in this super high-fast technological world, where instant gratification is hitting lightening speeds, we tend to forget that life doesn’t always work that way, and that you need to give yourself a break sometimes.  And we all deserve a break now and then, right?

For instance, if you want to start a fitness routine, hitting up the gym hardcore may not get you results, because, lets be honest…that will last for what…a week?  I mean, look at how many gyms are flooded with new years resolutions to get in shape, only to be emptied within the first month of burnout?  I personally avoid the gym the first month of the year because I know that it will be over-crowded, and will “go back to normal” in February.  It’s sad but true! Instead, integrate the gym as a process…make it a journey to integrating a fitness lifestyle.

So next time you decide to start something new, a hobby, eating organic, changing your beauty routine, working out, spending less, listening more…try to slowly incorporate it bit by bit so that its not so overwhelming for you.  Here are some ‘steps’ to keep in mind when you’d like to start something new:

1. Focus on the Steps, not the outcome

Yes, this may sound a little backwards, but focus on the STEPS to take you to your goals rather than the goal itself.  Sometimes if you focus too much on the goal, rather than the steps it takes to get you there, you can burn out, loose motivation, or even not be diligent at your current task.  Focus on the STEPS you’re taking to get there and the rest will follow AND the change will become integrated into your lifestyle, rather than just a temporary fad.

2. Don’t give yourself an excuse..keep moving forward.

How many times have you given yourself an excuse to not taking that next step? “I can’t afford it”, “I don’t have the time”…whatever it may be, find a way around it…there is always a way around it.  My article about NO EXCUSES has some great tips! 🙂

3. When You Start Seeing Results, KEEP GOING, Don’t Slow Down!

I know I’m guilty of this…once I start seeing those results I am looking for, I slow down…always remember to keep pushing forward….and keep stepping forward so you WILL reach your goal!!

4. If its taking you a little longer than expected…THAT’S OK!!

Sometimes we can get discouraged when things are taking a little bit longer than expected. Sure life can get in the way, we can get sick, tragedy strikes, or even we felt like indulging in that purchase or sweet treat….THAT’S OK. We’re human.  Pick yourself right back up and keep taking steps forward!

5. Be Honest With Yourself

This is something than can be the most difficult thing when you’re trying to reach an ultimate goal or change in your life.  The worst thing you can do, is lie to yourself.  If you’re recording your calories for the day, and decide to eat that chocolate cake…record it…record it so you know that you either need to work out a little more at the gym, or that you need to adjust your intake of something else…and if you spent money that you shouldn’t have…be honest with yourself, and remind yourself of #2, and then keep moving forward.


I think if you can apply things to your life this way, it can not only be fulfilling, but you’ll be able to accomplish a lot more without getting so discouraged AND as an added bonus, you can free up some of those back burners.  All you have to do is take a single step, and follow it with another one…

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