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Oct 26

October 26, 2012

MMmmmmm Simply Fine Dining (at home!)

How many people (show of hands) have time to make a well-prepared meal that is not only healthy and nutritious but tasty as well?  No one? Well, maybe a few (very lucky!).  In our busy schedules, it’s often very difficult to not only cook the food, but prepare it as well.  And on top of that, have the food taste good AND be nutritious? Occasionally I’ll make the time and prepare the food, to have it come out wonderfully, or…

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Oct 10

October 10, 2012

Keep That Belly Skin Pure with Pure Belly Wrap

One of the most nerve-wrecking things most women have is how to prevent those stretch marks during pregnancy.   Within nine months you’re supposed to gain 25 to 60+ pounds and pray that some how that skin will stretch with that baby without evidence left by track marks on that skin. Many studies have shown that the best way to protect yourself from these marks are to make sure that belly is kept very hydrated, moist and soaked in oils and…

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