12 Cool Products At ABC Kids Expo 2013

October 26, 2013|Posted in: Events

Every year there is an All Baby and Child Expo, which is one of the biggest trade shows that showcase baby and child products.  It provides brands opportunities to present their new products to buyers, bloggers, press, celebrities, and people.  There are many products that make their debut here, or continue to expand their reach into stores and boutiques.

I had the opportunity to go there this year with my team from Favored.by (A Mobile App that we’re currently developing to be released at the end of November), which includes a celebrity team member Ali Landry.  


There were some really great products there, and I’m sure that there were a LOT of products there that I didn’t get a chance to see (I mean, we’re talkin 3000 booths!).  But there were some that I was really impressed with there and here they are:


The first thing I saw was ‘Living Sands’.  It’s amazing! It’s a non-toxic and antibacterial material that feels like super soft sand, but you can sculpt it like silly putty. But then it breaks into pieces when you crumple it.  This is definitely something I’d like to get my son when he’s old enough.


The next thing that caught my eye was the Smart Noggin Toy– This is a special rattle that also serves as an educational tool.  It is meant for healthy brain development with the different color heads of the rattle, the red and white textured handle and the black & white base with mirror.  My little guy reached out for it and immediately started laughing when he had it in hand.  The perfect product tester!! The kind people at Smart Noggin let him keep the toy…and it literally is his favorite toy.  He laughs all the time he plays with it.


Guzzie and Gus Perch Hanging High-Chair is another product that caught my eye.  We’re always on the lookout for that perfect hanging high chair that is comfortable, easy to install and sturdy.  I was seriously impressed with this one.  It comes in a range of colors, and my lil guy really loved it (and he does not like being confined in a high chair)!


Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier is simply amazing. I have used quite a few carriers, and I have to say that this one is my favorite.  It transfers the weight from the shoulders to the hips, and really helps in walking around.  What’s nice about this one too, is that its super breathable, AND you can adjust the height of the baby on you.


All you mommies who like to use the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets…well, now they’ve come up with a blanket that is mommy-sized! Yep…they have taken the same wonderful soft bamboo material and have made adult sized blankets! How great will these be for the winter months! They come out November…just in time for those Christmas gifts!


Kiinde Twist System – (you pronounce it Kind) now this is a system that is very new! This system allows you to directly pump into the bags, store the breast milk, organize it, warm the milk for feeding, and feed using the same pouch! The cost of this is comparable to regular breast milk storage bags out there…the difference? You can feed your little one straight from the bag and eliminate all the washing of pump and bottle parts. The first think you buy is the kit, which retails at about 99 dollars, which includes this warmer (below) all the breast pump adapters, the organizer, and some bags.  Then you simply buy the bags.


Although there are many cameras out there that will transmit the image over WiFi, Summer Infant – Baby Link WiFi Internet viewing camera is a new one coming out that is like no other. This is the monitor that will allow you to see the feed from your monitor on a smart phone and tablet via a free viewing app. It allows you to have multiple users to see in on the room, and also a privacy mode if you temporarily don’t want anyone to look in on the room.  You have an option to just buy the camera, or buy the camera and monitor.  Can be used via monitor and WiFi, or just WiFi, or just monitor.

Summer Infant also has a great Fuze stroller! I’ve been wanting to see this stroller for a while, and its as good as they say it is. Its sleek, stylish, easy to fold, and very maneuverable.


Peg Perego. Need I say more? Their new collection of infant, & convertible car seats are simply luxurious and amazing.   The Alcantara car seat collection for both the infant car seat and convertible car seat are both luxurious and sleek.  Did I mention that they provide a cooling fabric so your little one doesn’t get too hot.  OMG These are a must have.

pegperegoconvertablecarseat   pegperegoprimoviaggio

WOW, the Nuna Pipa car seat and the Ivvi stroller….AWESOME…this infant car seat is also luxurious and looks so comfy for the little ones! It is very lightweight, and has a steel stability leg to provide added safety in the event of a car crash.


We have all been burdened by a damaged stroller while traveling on the airlines. Whether it’s a tear in the car seat, a damaged tire, a missing accessory…it’s a pain because the airlines don’t cover car seat damage…I mean, terrible right?  They should make traveling a LOT easier and family-friendly.  Well, Phil & Teds has come up with a stroller that solves this problem.  It is the travel stroller, and it folds down to the size of a carry on bag.  Yes…a carry on bag.  Its lightweight AND its NOT flimsy. It’s a really great design.  AND they wouldn’t let anyone take pictures of it at the show!! It is coming out in the spring, and you can bet that this is something I want for traveling!

And last, but definitely not least…the City Select stroller from Baby Jogger.  I really never noticed this stroller before until I was roaming the ABC kids expo with Ali Landry (she has one of these strollers).  I was quite amazed at the sleekness, ease of use, and that it was very versatile in car seats that can adapt to the frame.  The folding of this stroller was very easy, quick and somewhat-light weight.


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