1 Thing You Can Do To Eat Cleaner Food

March 23, 2014|Posted in: Health

Now that Pesticides and GMO’s are in the news, people are having a tendency to head for the Organic section of the markets (and even farmers markets)…I know I am!!  I don’t want any part of those chemicals in my body, or my baby’s for that matter.

However even buying organic can have some precautions of its’ own.  Since you’re buying better (in my opinion), you’re also buying fruits and veggies that are being trampled on by bugs, and birds, and critters OH MY!  And they do leave a “footprint”, for lack of a better word, that could include uric acid, fecal matter (yes I said POOP), saliva, slimy residue and even just good ol’ fashioned dirt.   So you’re eating a better alternative, but are consuming some other bits and pieces that you really don’t want to be.

So how do you get that stuff off?  You can try scrubbing everything with soap and water…but not sure I want soapy suds on my salad (especially if I don’t rinse it off very well).  Try using Eat Cleaner!!!  Eat Cleaner is a food cleaner that you spray on your fruits and veggies!!  Simply wash them in water (or not), spray on the Eat Cleaner and leave it on for 5 minutes or so and then rinse it off!  You can watch how to use it here.

Check this out…an organic apple from the farmers market.  I rinsed it off with water (middle picture) and got some of the dirt and grime off, then look at the right picture spraying eat cleaner on and then rinsing…see how much cleaner it is??  Shows that there was a little bit more on that apple than water could rinse off.  I don’t even wanna know what I was going to ingest without that eat cleaner!!


With all the produce I eat and juicing I do, I use this Eat Cleaner every time. YES every time!! There was one time I ran out and juiced without it…and I got slammed with the worst case of food poisoning I’d ever gotten.  I don’t even want to know what I ingested in that produce, but something got me good.  I don’t even leave home without it! They come in Grab-n-Go wipes too so that you can use it anywhere!

Here is a starter kit that includes all of the Eat Cleaner products…including the veggie spray, a refill, wipes, and grab-n-go wipes.


You can eat clean with organic produce, but I prefer to eat very clean with organic produce + eat cleaner.

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I was not compensated for this review.  I was provided these products by Eat Cleaner.